some projects, realised or proposed

"Speel" project oldpeoples house  "de Zellebergen" in Oudenbosch executed in 1976;

steel and concrete. 6m x 4m x 1,5 m 

"waves"wallcarpet canvas, wool, linin rocks; 7meterx 5meterx120meter;

Jebel Ali recreationclub; 1982 .

"flowers" proposed artwork for townhall Heemskerk, melted glas and steel

4m x 3m x 1,2 m 

"Wave" proposed project over the seadike in Friesland comletely made ourt of glass. width 60m, hieght 40 m, broed 30 m

inside a wide view over "het WAD" and poetry on the floor. in the evening lighted. 

bench in the park (sketch)

stained glass, steel and bricks

"tulips" a tourist attraction proposed artwork: turn the watertower of Lisse/Hillegom in to a vase with tulips, light them during the night and open them once a day; hight 90m.


wood 110sqmtr wallscape 2008; Tender college, Beverwijk